Parts FAQs

June 29 2017, Applewood Auto Group

Parts FAQs
You asked, we answered

What is a VIN?

VIN stands for vehicle identification number and is similar to a fingerprint, but for your vehicle. Every VIN is unique and the code contains all of the pertinent information about your vehicle. Using a VIN decoder, we can find out what year, make, model, and trim level your particular vehicle is.

Why do I need a VIN?

Parts can be slightly different between trim levels of the vehicle. A VIN helps us to provide you a faster and more accurate order.

How do I find my VIN?

The most common places to find your vehicle’s VIN are on your insurance paperwork or on the vehicle itself. Standard paperwork from ICBC or any private insurer will contain the VIN for your vehicle in the details section, usually right on the front page. If this isn't available, the VIN is also located at the base of the windshield outside the vehicle. It will be on the driver's side and only visible from the exterior.

What does OEM mean?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, or the company that produced your vehicle.

What is an OEM part?

The company that made your vehicle also produces a full range of replacement parts for your vehicle. Since the OEM created all the parts that go together to originally make your vehicle, they are knowledgeable about how everything is supposed to fit. So, when something does wear out, buying an OEM part ensures you are replacing it with the exact same part. Generally, these parts are more expensive than aftermarket options but this because of the fit, durability, and quality of the parts.

What is an aftermarket part?

There are several other companies that make vehicle parts. These companies make their own versions of parts for most of the popular vehicles available. These parts can look identical to OEM parts and generally cost less. However, the quality, fit, and finish of these parts may not be at the same standard as those from the company that originally made your vehicle.

Where can I find Nissan parts?

The easiest place to start is at your local Nissan dealer. Here, we have a friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable parts team that is always ready to help. We carry a full line of both OEM and aftermarket parts to offer you the best selection. No matter what you are looking for, we can help you find it, get it, and install it.

Where can I find Nissan accessories?

Similar to parts, there is a full line of OEM accessories available that are specifically designed for your vehicle. From floor mats to roof racks, we carry the full line of Nissan accessories and would be happy to show you all the available options. Accessories are a unique way to customize your vehicle to fit your lifestyle. We also have access to aftermarket options, so just let us know what you want and we’ll find it for you!

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